What are CC&R's and should I be concerned about then when purchasing a home?

CC&R' stands for Covenant, Conditions and Restrictions. These CC&R's are attached legally to the property and can not be removed. Your title company will provide you and your agent with a current copy.    And yes you should absolutely review them to your own satisfaction before going through with the purchase of your new home.  Any good Real Estate Agent will make sure there is a clause that allows your to review and approve CC&R’s in your purchase and Sale Offer/Agreement.  

CC&R's have been around for a long time, but became much more prevalent and restrictive in the late 70's early 80's.  They are written for the home owners protection of value of their property and to set rules for a Home Owners Association (HOA).  Most typically found in condominium and housing developments.  For example, CC&R's may restrict home owners from parking unsightly junk cars in front of their property.  Keep your neighbor from painting their house pink with purple poka dots, etc.  Conversely they can get a little out of hand.   Restricting you from parking your new pickup truck in the driveway, as evidenced by a lawsuit in New York by one HOA, is an example of a little much.  The rule states only automobiles and passenger vehicles are allowed to be parked in driveways.  When a lot of pickups won’t even fit in the garages of newer homes these days, this can be huge!  Restricting the color of what you paint your house is another example of a rule that causes angst.

Bottom line?  Make sure you have a good #realestateagent. Review those CC&R’s before purchasing.  And attend your HOA meetings.  They usually are not very often, and they can be tedious, but the decisions they make affect you and your property.  You don’t want to wake up one morning and find out the HOA voted that everyone is required to paint their houses mauve!  Of course finding a home in a neighborhood with no CC&R’s is not difficult either.  Consult your agent of call us with questions.